Understanding people, delivering results

Passionate about making work better

MK Business Psychology specialise in evidence based selection, assessment and development services.  Our team of occupational and business psychologists, by applying the science of people at work, help enhance individual, team and organisational effectiveness and well-being.

We provide services that combine scientific rigour with a deep appreciation of how people act, think and feel, and use our psychological insight to help clients achieve tangible business outcomes that are critical to delivering their strategic goals, such as increasing productivity, adapting more successfully to change, increasing employee engagement, helping staff reach their potential sooner, or increasing levels of innovation.    

Our clients

MK Business Psychology's clients cover a wide range of organisations from Scottish based SMEs, to public organisations and corporate clients across the UK and beyond.  The benefits of evidence based people management apply to all forms of organisation regardless of size or purpose.

We provide services to key sectors of the Scottish and UK economy including life sciences, oil & gas/energy, manufacturing/engineering, food and drink, public sector, financial services and other service-led sectors. 

Please give us a call if you would like to find out more about how we can help your company/organisation realise its potential.