Assessment & Selection


Our team of business psychologists can help you to: design the most effective selection process for job roles within your organisation, appoint the best team for managing a business critical project, or benchmark individual/team capability against future role requirements.

Our starting point is a deep understanding of superior performance and using this insight to design relevant assessment and selection processes. We apply this expertise from graduate recruitment right through to board level executive selection, and to meet different organisations needs (e.g. hiring new talent; succession planning; supporting organisational restructuring) from SME’s through to corporate companies. 


Mk Business Psychology's services cover the full spectrum of selection and assessment services ranging from developing role/competency profiles and psychometric testing to the design of assessment processes and the provision of a fully outsourced selection service. 

The level of support provided is based on each client’s needs and ensures access to expert business psychological advice, when needed, at cost-effective rates.  In an ever changing work environment such flexible access to expert support is often highly valued, and helps clients achieve superior results from their selection processes.  

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We use leading personality instruments and ability tests grounded in relevant theory and with published evidence of effect. Such methods are amongst the most efficient and effective methods for selecting top performers.  Moreover, almost every study of managerial failure points to a lack of personality fit with role requirements. Therefore gaining insight into an individual’s behavioural preferences and abilities can help avoid poor hiring decisions.  

We add value by determining which instrument / test is most effective for the role being assessed and in the interpretation of the results.

Our service offering regarding psychometric testing includes:

  • Pre-Screening: production of pre-screening reports based on relevant personality and ability tests to guide in-house interviews with candidates. These reports highlight:
  • Overall level of fit against role competencies
  • Candidate strengths against role competencies
  • Potential development needs against role requirements
  • Potential contraindicators with role requirements (higher risk areas)
  • Suggested follow-up interview questions

Selection: integration of results into wider assessment centre or individual assessment process results i.e. part of a wider assessment of competency along with other assessment exercises.

Individual Development: feedback to guide development planning for existing job holders

Team Development: feedback to guide team building interventions


Our pre-screening services are all focused on making sure scarce management resources are spent seeing candidates most likely to do the job well.

As well as using personality and ability assessments discussed above we have in-house expertise to undertake behavioural interviews, develop bespoke work sample tests (useful for technical roles), and to design situational judgement tests for high volume pre-screening (where needed). 


Individual assessment is the process of evaluating a person against the requirements for a given job and making recommendations on their potential future performance in that role. Our individual profiles are typically obtained from an in-depth ½ day structured interview with the individual combined with psychometric tools. 

The client receives a report describing the behavioural and motivational preferences of the individual concerned and their level of competence in relation to job relevant abilities/skills, and a recommendation of whether the candidate should be hired, promoted or benefit from additional training and development before being considered for a given role.  This can be supported by a structured programme of development (e.g. coaching) when needed.

Individual assessment is often used for senior executive assessment or when group based selection methods or work simulations are not viable. 


Research has shown that carefully designed assessment centres are more likely than most other selection measures to produce reliable assessment information which can be predictive of future performance in a role. 

Assessment centres (and work sample tests) go well beyond interview methods and actually put candidates in the situation as opposed to presenting a description of it.  As a result they offer insight into abilities to do the work rather than knowing how to do the work. 

In addition, multiple assessments are made at an assessment centre, so it also lends itself to fairness, as candidates are given a number of opportunities to demonstrate their strengths.  This multi-rater, multi-method is at the core of an assessment centre, and a key reason for its success.  

Moreover, all research evidence shows that best results are achieved when exercises are designed for a specific role with a given organisational context.  Taking the time to ensure exercises/methods are bespoke to customer’s needs is cost-effective.    

However, achieving higher validities and reliabilities are not guaranteed unless the assessment centre is well designed and professionally run and we can help clients achieve this goal, i.e.:

  • designed using relevant job critical competencies
  • grounded in exercises that are job relevant, and ideally where most noticeable differences in performance can be observed
  • assessors are effectively trained 

Our team of business and occupational psychologists work with clients to help design, deliver and evaluate their selection processes and to help them achieve world class selection processes.     


Aberdeen Group’s November 2009 report on Competency Management discovered that Best-in-Class organisations not only utilise competency frameworks against multiple aspects of talent management, but that those using a consistent competency model across talent acquisition, learning, performance management and succession processes are five times as likely to achieve Best-in-Class performance as those that do not. 

MK Business Psychology team can help you:

  • Profile the competencies driving effective performance in key job roles
  • Prepare role profiles 
  • Develop an organisation wide competency framework 


All the good work of understanding drivers of effective performance and in designing effective exercises/assessment methods can be undermined by a lack of standardisation of assessment.  Our training courses focus on ensuring assessors have the right skills to maximise consistency of evaluation and minimise subjective judgements and distortions.  Improving rater reliability helps ensure well designed selection processes get the effective results they deserve. 

Behavioural Interviewing:  

  • 1 day programme giving those involved in selection the skills needed to conduct robust competency based interviews.  

Assessor Skills

  • 1 day course – become familiar with behavioural assessment process ‘ORCE’ and get to demonstrate ability to accurately and consistently observe, record, classify, and evaluate behavioural evidence.  Participants will also explore common observational errors and biases and how best to overcome these. 


MK Business Psychology can provide an independent and robust assessment at an individual or group/team level to ascertain their current level of capability in relation to current or future job requirements.  This insight can then be used to guide future selection processes and development work.