Career Management


Research estimates that we spend around 100,000 hours at work over our lifetimes - career management aids the transition to more enjoyable and fulfilling jobs, and helps individuals and organisations develop a greater understanding of careers and career capital in a climate of more flexible career pathways.


Succession planning allows organisations to plan for who will undertake key roles in the future and avoids the costs associated with replacing a key employee. Supporting the use of career management services, such as outplacement support, projects a positive view of the organisation, and supporting employees to access career management helps redirect skills and abilities of individuals to ensure greater productivity. 

Individuals can benefit from gaining a stronger understanding of their career capital (values, skills & abilities) and focusing on their personal objectives to develop robust personal development plans.  Building confidence, enhancing skills, and gaining clarity can assist preparation for new roles or duties and lead to outcomes such as increased job satisfaction.


Our career management services are designed to assist organisations to ensure employees have the relevant skills and abilities to do their jobs successfully, and help individuals prepare for important career transitions – such as promotions or redundancies.

We apply evidence-based business psychology practice in four key areas:


Career management consultancy assists organisations in developing robust succession planning processes – ensuring selection and retention of individuals who can progress to key roles.  

Within this area we can assist in identifying suitable individuals for progression to higher level positions, such as through development centres and psychometric profiling.  We can also help with their development in order to meet the demands of their roles, for example by applying our leadership and management development expertise, and ensuring these key employees are retained by implementing employee engagement techniques.


Performance coaching helps individuals address areas affecting current performance, to bridge skills gaps and maximise performance.

One-to-one interventions can include benchmarking against competencies and identifying potential gaps, and helping employees develop by applying coaching techniques to understand needs and set goals to work towards.   


Career coaching from MK Business Psychology will help you manage important career transitions:

Onboarding ensures individuals develop the necessary skills and behaviours to be an effective employee. 

  • Employees current skills and abilities can be compared to role competencies, and any discrepancies can be assisted by on-to-one coaching or group training workshops to ensure improvement in key areas of importance.

Outplacement (support to consider career options and secure a new role in a competitive market).

  • Services can be tailored to the organisation and individual’s needs, though often include half day workshops on job search skills, CV writing skills and interview skills, and one-to-one coaching to consider career options and create a personal development plan.

Preparing for retirement (practical & emotional support). 

  • Workshops and one-to-one guidance can be provided covering the practical and emotional elements for employees ensuring the transition into this new stage in life is enjoyable and fulfilling.


Employment support enables disadvantaged groups such as the unemployed and individuals with mental health problems to re-enter work. 

We can assist individuals to consider the many career options available to them, and help them to develop and improve key employability skills. Examples include offering individual support or group workshops in areas such as job search, CV writing and interview skills.