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As an organisation we have a collective set of values which influence how we work and are VITAL to our success:

  • Value We are committed to providing services which are value for money to our clients and help improve the performance of their organisations.
  • Integrity & Social Responsibility We offer reliable, valid techniques and work in line with ethical standards as required by the British Psychological Society Code of Conduct. We believe business has a key role in developing more socially just and sustainable societies and will dedicate time and reinvest a percentage of profits to make this a reality.
  • Teamwork We achieve more by making best use of our shared talents, and working in collaboration with our partners, associates and professional organisations.
  • Assured Quality We endeavour to ensure the highest quality of work to our clients to ensure that we provide solutions which work best for them. Our solutions are based on evidence and the latest research.
  • Learning Collectively & Fully Engaging We foster a culture of engagement, inclusion and shared learning, where employees are part of decision making and planning, and are committed to doing the best for the organisation and its clients. We don’t just talk the talk but apply the principles to our own development at a personal and organisational level, and this helped us become one of the fastest companies in Scotland since launch to reach Investors in People Silver status in December 2011.

Social Responsibility: We are committed to making our society more socially just and fairer and will commit organisational resources to pursue this goal. We pledge to do the following:

  • Allocate 3% of profits into charitable causes each year
  • Each Occupational/Business Psychologist to spend two days per year working pro-bono to promote charitable causes


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